What are you doing for BBC #CinN16?



#BBCChildreninNeed tonight, a night that really makes a difference…

This year I’m donating money from each of my sports massage, sports performance and body confidence coaching session’s today, and I’m going to do 2,016 core exercises with my Pudsey Ears on… might take a while as I’ve been having a rest period since my bike crash and #kims100miles!! 🙂

Then I will create my Brocolli Brownies in #kimskitchen,



75g Gluten Free Doves Farm Flour,

75g raw Cacao Butter,

3 free range eggs, (2 eggs if you are not adding protein)

50g or 2 scoops PHD Protein Choc (or any flavour of choice or Pea Protein),  – optional addition

150g stevia,

150g 85% organic choc,

1 flat tea spoon baking powder,

1 teaspoon coconut oil,

75g @tenderstem brocolli,

chai seeds,

green tea extract,

glutamine extract,

sea salt….

Simmer pan of water with glass bowl on top with butter, choc & finely chopped brocolli in slim long slices…. Stir until melted. Whisk eggs and stevia together until light and fluffy, 2-5 mins, electric whisk…. Mix with choc, butter, brocolli…. Fold in flour, PHD protein, additional teaspoon of green tea, glutamine… Mix well together. Lightly grease tray with coconut oil and place in tray… Bake at 180 for 14-17mins depending how gooey you like them. Sprinkle with chai seeds, sea salt and tiny piece of brocolli, leave to cool and enjoy post hard training session … Brocolli can be swapped for flaked almonds and goji berries.  … yum! 


So I hope a few pennies, around £120+ in the Children in Need pot to hopefully make a little difference, love to know what you are up to?


Then, tonight the thing I’m most looking forward to watching is Team GB Rio to Rumba does BBC Strictly Come Dancing, love, love what the Pro’s do… and great to see 4 more athletes in action, alongside Claudia and Gregg both still in the main show. Watch them live in Blackpool tomorrow night…. if they ever do a People’s Strictly Come Dancing, I would LOVE to do it…..  ! Just saying 😉

You can also support and buy the BBC Countryfile Magazine Calender, beautiful photos from Dawn to Dusk, super lovely images.


So get inspired to bounce, cook, create or just donate and support if you can, tweet me what you get up too 🙂

Find out more and donate directly here:

BBC Children in Need #charity #supportothers 

(Images Credit from the BBC Children in Need Website)