Jamie Oliver #FoodRev Day – Bristol Ambassador Tips


“My wish is to create a strong sustainable movement to educate every child about food, inspire families to cook again and empower people everywhere to fight obesity.” Jamie Oliver

Jamie believes that every child has the right to good food, to reduce the #obesity epidemic.

I’m proud to be a Bristol #FoodRev Ambassador and think its so important to help families and children realise how easy it is to cook and make real, fresh#feelgood food. I think the priority is to make it fun, to get your children involved, to try growing some vegetables, to go to local shops and try something different…. I know we are all short of time, but I think getting kids and families cooking and eating together helps you to #feelgood, to have great energy, to increase conversation and confidence and to get people moving and active… but that’s just my thoughts and ‘ideal’. I know the reality is more challenging… so if I can come and help you, your family or school, do let me know. 


I did a few great workshops with Orchid School, chaotic, challenging and completely wonderful. The kids were great.  They just needed a little bit of support and some ideas to try new foods, mix foods up and realise that actually, although they thought it would be ‘gross’ it actually tasted good, and they felt good after eating it.  I have also run some workshops on #feelgood food and body image/confidence….jamie oliver kim ingleby

It was a huge privilege and amazing to have the trust from the teenagers and help them understand about healthy, real food, and move away from diet foods, and replacement meals… another topic, something that is really confusing for everyone, yet something I really want to help teenagers understand, so they can become fit, strong and body confident, rather than confused and yoyo dieting.

So if I can help, or any of the above reasonates I would love to know….


What do you think?
What’s the biggest problem?
How can we help best?

Here’s come ideas for meals
Breakfast: Boiled eggs, Soldiers, homegrown spinach, easy and yummy for all ages,balanced #energy

Lunch: Smashed avocado, chicken, tomato, watercress salad or sandwich

Dinner/Eve Meal: Turkey or fish, wrapped in Parma ham, with sweet potato chips, peas and broccoli

I find these meals kids love, and they are tasty… Followed with my sugar free #brocollibrownies or apple, coconut (optional) & ginger crumble (we added watercress and it actually worked!)

brownies tenderstem style


Just a few ideas… I would love to know your thoughts…. Sign the petition,, check out the #foodrev site for recipes, ideas and much more…

And any questions, advice or support, just ask
#confidence #nutrition #brainfood #wellbeing#fitstrong


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