Open to Everyone: Human of Happiness Run – 21st – 26th July 2020

In memory of my rescue Hound of Happiness Jake for Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary because of the amazing work they do.


The Challenge is open to everyone, even if you are not an animal person, we would love you to join us.

From 21st – 26th July 

Choose to: Run, Walk, Dance, Ride, Swim… or whatever you fancy 

Choose distance: 5km, 7km, 21km or / 25km – or go for the big challenge and do all 4 over the 6 days , totally 58km

Donate: optional if you can, £5 – £58  – comment, share a story if you want and share a photo of your Hound/Animal and Humans of Happiness in action, enjoy it 

To make a donation click here.

Prizes: 3 people will be picked at random (Happiest Human, Happiest Animal, Best Rescue photos) to receive a copy of 52 Ways to Feel Good Book (I donate all profit to charity too) and any other prizes which people donate, we have a few already – contact me here with your photo and address to be entered in the prize draw.

Share with your friends, tag #humanofhappinessrun @kimingleby

Follow current guidelines and keep safe whilst doing it. 

Be super proud of yourself and thank YOU! 

Why you should bother – aside from having a fun goal this week…. 

Holly hedge is a little animal sanctury in Bristol, in the South West of the UK.  It looks after around 800+ animals a year, rehoming them into many human best friends. 

I’ve always used to ride horses which were difficult or people had given up on them.  Animals are like people, with the right love, compassion, patience and care they can heal, change and learn to love again. 

I rescued Jake with my ex in 2015 and he gave us, and from 2018 myself, wonderful companionship, zoomies, hugs and love.   He passed away on 21st July 2019 (he would be 7yrs) following many complications from a routine operation.  I know he is now zooming about above, taking care of everyone and perhaps it was his time. 

One of his favourite places was Brean Down, on the top on a really windy day, with the wind blowing in his fur.  The week before he passed away, I ran the Aspire 10km and told him I would win.  I have never won a race and doubt I ever will, but I did actually win that day!  I brought the medal home and put around his neck. 

We can’t do Brean Down 10km again this year, so I thought, let’s all run together and raise so money for Holly Hedge in his memory, share photos of your dogs, humans and animals, make each other smile and make a difference. 

After a family suicide and the loss of Jake I was struggling so after days of scrolling dog photos I decided it would be more useful and helpful to actually see them in real life.  So I visited Holly Hedge every day through Sept 2019 walking a dog.  He was really shut down from 6 months of kennel life, but something kept drawing me back to him.  About 4 weeks into visiting, he took a deep breathe and relaxed on me. Do you need to take a deep breath and take care of you? 

I brought Bert home early October and he has been my lockdown buddy and my best friend, quietly we have been enjoying time together and he’s made some houndy and human friends.  He will be 5yrs on 25th July, hence the miles and dates.  Holly hedge are compassionate, caring and considerate always. 

Jenny, who took her life, always came for dog walks and loved talking to Jake and sitting with him.  She edited our little book 52 Ways to Feel Good and loved to pop round just to see him. 

Animals can give anyone so much, it’s a circle of support.  

So I thank you in advance for any donations, and also, I hope you really enjoy having a fun goal this week to enjoy with your family and friends, 

Can’t wait to see your photos and see your animals!

Big Love Kim, (Human of Happiness), Bert, Jake (Above) & Casper (Horse of Happiness above) xx 

To make a donation click here.

About the charity

Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary

Our mission is to provide shelter from harm and a brighter future for unwanted, abandoned and often mistreated cats and dogs. We take in and care for around 800 unwanted cats & dogs every year and wholly rely on the generosity of our supporters to keep our kennel & cattery doors open.

Total raised: £700 + £115 in gift aid