The Choice by Dr Edith Eger, an Auschwitz Surviver, is a Powerful Story

I’ll share an extract incase it helps, ‘when we force our truths into hiding, secrets become their own trauma. Freedom lies in learning to embrace what happened. Freedom means we muster the courage to dismantle the prison

We all live differently. Could you let go of comparison and give yourself the chance to heal. The chance to find joy and follow your wishes…? 

I know times are chaotic at the moment, it’s uncomfortable, unknown and different. 

It means we all have to lean in, adapt and grow. 

And in this is where the possibilities lie, and that’s the magic.’

I am mid my Yoga Teacher Training with the wonderful Sacred Path Yoga (I highly recommend them). 

Everything I’ve learned about grief and trauma always leads to yoga as a way to help. And I feel excited about having another layer of knowledge to support you ….. showing up, I’m on day 17/40 and it has been super uncomfortable, challenging many things within me – yet equally supportive, insightful, scientific, spiritual and in-depth.

It’s easy to stay with what we know. Yet I remind myself, if nothing changes, nothing changes. It’s good to evolve, to challenge ourselves. To lean into resistance. 

This applies to our thoughts, relationships, experiences, hopes and fears…. what do you wish to change?

Let me help. You are worth the messy commitment of growth to find another depth of possibility and passion. 

I really recommend reading The Choice.

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