Pukka #cleanmegreen Wellbeing Challenge Review


Last month, I popped into Wild Oats in Bristol and found Pukka’s Clean Me Green Well being Kit looking at me! I was intrigued to test it out for the 14-day wellbeing programme and see if it helped to boost my well being and brighten my skin.  I’ve long been a fan of Pukka‘s delicious organic herbal teas (the Turmeric Gold, Nighttime and Three Tulsi being my current Top 3), but I have never really tried their supplements or Aloe Vera range.
Pukka‘s Clean Me Green Wellbeing Kit is aimed at people who would like to ‘clean their body green’ with natural, organic herbs through a range of teas and drinkable superfoods. The kit has been specially put together by Pukka’s team to help you feel like a new person in just 14 days. Unlike other tea ‘detox’ programmes, this one’s different as you drink the teas alongside a healthy diet which I really advocate. It’s about improving your overall wellbeing, and for me checking in each day with how you are feeling. I have a lot of clients who would love to boost their mood and energy, so this kit offers just that.  Yet, I think as a coach and trainer you have to test things before recommending so I began.
 Inside the kit (which is in a handy box to store your next set of teas in afterwards!)
14 x Clean Greens Superblend sachets
14 x Clean Matcha Green teabags
14 x Detox teabags
Information booklet with simple tips to follow each day
Pukka Aloe Vera Drink is additional but well worth adding
I was curious to see if it would make any difference for me.  I know the superblend mix was excellent, and the teas specially formulated, but I was still unsure if I would feel a difference.  I’m pretty in tune with my body, yet something I knew was out, as my skin and eyes were not as bright and sparkling as I love them to be, and my resting heart rate was a little higher than normal.  I know this is part of my neurological healing and liver repairing, so I started with optimism and intrigue!
Following the programme is very easy, just 3 steps to your everyday routine, so it’s possible and only 14 days, however busy you are (if you are too busy it could be a sign to pause perhaps)
How I used the Pukka Box of Magic!
1.  Start everyday with a Clean Me Green shot using the Clean Greens Superblend and aloe vera juice, I did have to ‘down’ this quickly as not quite my taste! 
So that’s it!  No I don’t drink alcohol or really have any sugars, and everyone’s results are different. The first few days though my skin was definitely ‘worse’ & I felt super tired. The Clean Greens Superblend is a superfood powder made from 100% organic ingredients. It’s a blend of 11 super-rich green foods which includes Wheat Grass, Nettle, Spirulina, Seaweed, Kale and Peppermint to name a few. Packed full of essential fatty acids, minerals, iodine and chlorophyll, it helps to boost skin and overall health.  For me, I’ve always been sensitive to Chlorophyll and Spirulina but I wanted to continue with the 14 days and see how it panned out.  After about 4 days, I felt my energy returning and my skin starting to brighten up. I added some freshly squeezed lime to my ‘shot’ in the morning too. Some of my clients have been joining me on the challenge and really found the sachets too strong a taste, but on searching the Pukka site, you can buy them as tablets which would be easier for some to take and easy for travelling.



2. Then after doing my Tibetan 5 Yoga Moves & walking Jake, the Hound of Happiness a mug of Clean Matcha Tea in my Big Love Mug 🙂

AI usually have the Pukka Match Teas, but have never had the ‘Clean’ Matcha Green Tea and actually really like it!  Comprised of Sencha Green Tea, Sweet Fennel Seed, Dandelion Root, Licorice Root, Nettle Leaf, Lemon, Tumeric, Lemom Myrtle Leaf, and Matcha powder, it’s fresh and actually has now become my preference to the other ones!  Jake also rather likes the smell of it, but he doesn’t require any :-)!

3. After lunch, Clean Detox Tea and some mindfulness doodling 
After lunch, I had a mug of Pukka’s Detox which is described as a ‘clean infusion of organic Aniseed, Fennel and Cardamom‘, and it’s an ideal tea to reach for to help aid digestion after lunch. I found it quite strong tasting so could actually use the teabag twice, once again after my evening meal. I wasn’t sure if I ‘needed’ this tea but actually felt better and fresher if that is a description after my lunch, and ready for the afternoon. Usually after lunch I may have had a Turmeric Tea, so I found having less Green Tea actually balanced my energy better.
Overall Feedback as I finish the Clean Me Green Well Being Programme Today….
I’m really happy I picked up the box! I think it’s really important to test products before recommending them, honestly and fully as a Coach.  Professionally, I think it’s a great blend, which is simple to add into your daily routine, if you are travelling or working from home.  I think if you combine with boosting your veggies and good proteins, and reducing your alcohol and refined sugars, you will feel a boost in your well being.  For me, two weeks on, my skin and eyes are definetly brighter and I feel more energised.  I can’t say this is totally down to the Pukka mix, as my neurology goes in phases of healing. Yet I can say that it’s contributed to it, and I really enjoyed the Clean Me Well Being Challenge, and as I write this, yes I feel well, so thank you Pukka!! I’ve already bought some more Aloe Vera, Clean Green Tea and I’m intrigued to try a few of their other products listed below.
So if you are looking for a challenge to perhaps support your Lent goal, a boost in your energy and wellness, and a simple well being cleanse without any craziness, it get’s my vote.  I love Pukka’s philosophy and product range overall, so thank you Pukka for helping me feel Super Powered!
Pukka Clean Me Green Wellbeing Kit* is priced £19.99 and is available from various stockist, & I bought mine from
Other Pukka Thing’s I’m looking forward to trying next this Spring…
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 The Pukka Book – so worth buying and packed full of good information:
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If you would like your product tested or any features and top tips written, just ping me an email 
Big Happy Last 2 Days of February, make them count 🙂

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