Radio Interview with Marcus & The Incapable Staircase

I first met Marcus Mumford when I was racing with triathlon & training for the UK Ironman which I managed to complete for SANDS charity. Marcus and his wife, Kirsty rode around the World by Tandem, it’s a pretty inspiring story. I really loved being on the Incapable Staircase show with Marcus. for an hour of chat and good tunes. I hope you enjoy listening.

‘She’s been described as a ‘mind body ninja’ and on this week’s Yes Marks the Spot Kim Ingleby told me a bit about the techniques she uses to guide people towards their personal goals. We also chatted about some of the challenges she’s taken part in on various continents and what it was like to be the two time world wool sack carrying champion!’ 

Marcus broadcasts on community radio station Incapable Staircase FM every Tuesday from 4:30pm to 5:30pm (GMT/BST). The show includes an interview with a special guest who has an adventurous story to tell with a few appropriate tunes slotted in between.

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Click here to view the world famous Tetbury Woolsack races. I managed to win the race in 2015 by chance, & again 2019, this time being interviewed by Claudia Winkleman on BBC R2. It’s a wonderful race held on the second Bank Holiday in May in the UK, raising lots of money for local charities & races for any age group, men, women and teams. So much fun, honestly, come and give it a go.

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