World Championship Tetbury Wool Sack Race Madness….

‪#‎Kimpossible‬ …..
Ladies Tetbury Woolsack Races World Championship Winner …!!!



Photo: (C) Sara Wheeler – At the Start… using all my Mental Strength NLP Techniques 🙂 In the zone….!

The madness…. grab a sack of Wool, 16kg for ladies, and 30kg for men, and sprint as fast as you can up a 1 in 4 gradient hill. Dating back to the 16th Century, the race has been part of the Official Guiness Book of Records for the last 30 years…. find out more about the event here (and take part in 2016!)


Wonderful atmosphere, brilliant charities, great fellow competitors, team spirit & organisers…. check out this little video from the wonderful foundation capturing it all (see if you can spot me!)

Watch all the fun here:

Really loved it…


From the fear & shakes from my encephalitis and the drum beat (sit in the car for two hours and appear for the start!) to the gratitude, enjoyment and camaraderie ….and FUN.


Photos: Top 3 Ladies: Jemma (3rd) Susan (2nd) Me (1st:-)!

Weils Encephalitis has taught me to really be in the moment and be grateful, I have a lot more fear and doubt , and in the same breath, a lot less fear and doubt, weird, wonderful and I embrace this journey of healing & hope to express it in a way that is useful to you too….


Photo: Receiving my Prize from the Mayor of Tetbury


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What’s next then Team Possible….? What do you reckon……?

The Even Madder, More Crazy Tough….. Coal Race….