Live a Magnificent Life, Make a Difference … My Tips for You & Me!

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“It is not the strongest of species that survives,

nor the most intelligent but

 the most responsive to change”

Charles Darwin (1809 – 1882)

I’ve been a bit quiet on my own blog for a few reasons…. I’m now going to write a few thoughts, which I hope will help if you are competing or focusing on achieving a goal, any goal, will help you achieve it. I’m about to compete at Fit Factor & then the Sierra Leone Marathon, I’ve had a few challenges to keep on track…

Before I write more, there are 3 people who have inspired me to have courage and stay focused… sadly two of them are no longer with us, but they have already inspired me, and I am sure you too…

Polly Noble, died last week of cervical cancer, tweeting, ‘ ‘Success is not final, failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts’. Her mission was to encourage you to live a magnificent life, I wonder if you are?  Have courage to begin doing just so… shine bright like Polly did. RIP Beautiful lady x

Stephen Sutton, who’s video & journey is an inspiration to anyone, watch this:, Make a Difference, don’t be limited by what you can’t control, be empowered by what you can. RIP Wise Stephen x

And then Harry Meade, a young Event Rider who I used to know well from my riding days.  He broke both his arms in multiple places yet in less than a year managed to compete and come 2nd at Badminton, despite being told there little chance of him riding again:

There is always a choice in life, a choice on what you focus on.  Today the sun is shining, brightly.  This is good for the soul 🙂

I’m just taking each day at a time and will make the decision that is best, in the moment for my health & happiness, values and beliefs, inspired by these three people.

How will I prepare.. and how can you prepare for a goal, for something that you want to make happen?  Anything, write this goal down do this….  So my fellow Fit Factor people, do this & people with goals & dreams, do this..

1. Reflect:  what have you learned on the process of heading towards this Goal?

I have learned so much over the last year, but if we just take the last 6 weeks I have gained a huge amount. Training for Fit Factor has given me a focus, on the good days I have been able to train hard, I have increased my strength which has improved my confidence and health. I have eaten really good healthy food, and had plenty of sleep, this has helped to give me the courage when the ‘attacks’ happen.  I have learned that whilst having a goal has been really helpful, my body and mind requires longer to re balance, so once these goals have passed, the No1 Goal is to become the strongest, healthiest and happiest I have ever been. What have your learned from working towards your goal?


2. Celebrate: what are you proud of, write down 3 things and why?

So I’m proud that I have managed to commit to a goal & follow the training consistently, it’s made me feel strong, even on my challenging days. I have learned to be vulnerable and not okay, which has been a huge challenge yet made me a wiser, more compassionate person. I have some pretty amazing people in my life & I’m proud to be part of their life 🙂 Your turn…

inside out

3. Be in the Moment: 100% of you, in what you are doing now.

If I go into what if this happens, what if that happens, I’m pretty sure I would be sitting at home still, fearing my brain & fearing myself.  I have learned to accept that things have changed, but I am still me.  To get in the moment, and enjoy it, to appreciate everything in that moment, and the people I am with. To celebrate the moments, to kick ass and give your all, to be who you want to be, to have courage to let go and sparkle.  So if you are getting on stage at Fit Factor, you are going on a date, you are going to an interview, you are standing on a start line.. be in that moment and go for it, or you may lose the very moment that gives you the most joy 🙂

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4. Three Big Goals: what do you want to achieve from your Goals?

For Fit Factor… my first goal is to be able to get there, register, be healthy, happy and me and support all the wonderful people I have met along the way, that, in some ways, is enough 🙂 Then, if this happens I want to rock that stage with confidence and courage (leave ‘Roland’ outside as he doesn’t have a ticket, therefore I can’t have an attack ;-), and inspire at least one person to believe in themselves and go for their goal. And finally, be proud of myself (& make those who have supported and coached me proud), you can always be fitter & leaner, yet this competition is about showing who you are, being healthy (so my nutrition has complimented my health and meds, over anything else), your values and your style, being unique. So I will ‘let go’ and allow this to shine on stage, that’s my goal…. let go and do the same with your goal 🙂 @FitBodyPromo is the Twitter feed and you can follow on Facebook if you are on there.

For Sierra Leone …. wow, well getting there will be the first goal, healthily and happily, taking the anti malaria’s and being well with them.  Meeting all the other people, and the Street Child (do drop by pens, paper to give to the kids if you would like), learning from them, bringing back stories, photos and inspiration for you all. And finally, a Sierra Leone Marathon Medal,….. if that’s meant to be. I will be doing my mental prep for this Team! @SierraLeoneMara is the twitter feed for updates, and like their Facebook page too.

What are you three goals, from your big goal?

fear success

5. Motivation…. why do you want to do your goal? And what will you gain from doing it?

Fit Factor…. I want to do it because it will give me the confidence that I have still have presence of my mind (most of the time!) & I can still represent a fit, strong, healthy woman and rock the stage, even after a crazy year.  That every moment I feel vulnerable when I lose my thoughts, I can gain courage from what I have done, your greatest strength is your will to overcome anything that life gives you, and take the learnings with you.  That I have learned from some of the best and enhances #Kimpossible, fit, inside and out 🙂

Sierra Leone…. it will be one year to the day that the Weily virus caused chaos in my life (through chaos a dancing star is born, right!? Yes. Remember that all of you) to achieve our fundraising target of £40,000 for Energised Performance 10th Birthday, and hit £4,500 to build two schools for Street Child in Sierra Leone.  To do what I always used to do, have no fear and make things happen.  To visit somewhere different, give back and complete the marathon… I chose it because it’s quiet and no pressure 😉 By the way, I’m not really a marathon runner… my knees don’t really love past a half marathon, and I’m a blondie, so the heat usually bakes me red…. hmm 😉 & the Charity here:

Here is a feature in the Telegraph about the work #StreetChild are doing:

Both of the goals will give me stories & learnings which I hope will inspire YOU to believe you can achieve that golden nugget of a dream in the corner of your mind!


6. Limitations: What could limit you from being your best? Come up with a plan so they do not inhibit your best performance, yet refine your outcome in line with how you are feeling.

As I write this I’m on 1500mg of drugs, my skin is not looking too pretty from a pre cellultis sinal infection, time of the month is due & my friend ‘Roland’ Weily rat keeps appearing, affecting my nervous system in many ways.   What can I do to manage this…. drugs, I have to adapt my nutrition & hydration for this, putting my health first.  Skin, I have to be brave, I can’t change the little angry lumps that have appeared on my face from the infection and drugs. I have to keep a mantra of courage and confidence that I am doing the best I can, and to smile and my eyes will still show my spirit. The time of the month, bad timing, move on 🙂 Roland… well, I have to be quiet, I have to be present & I have to be brave. I know how to manage the attacks, and so do the people around me.  My health is my priority, yet being me, being the person that adds things to her life because they make her feel alive is also equally important.  I could sit at home, and I would probably be okay, but it wouldn’t be me… and I have also done a lot of sitting at home over the last year 🙂

By the way, I do love sitting, but when I choose to, not when Roland decides I should.  I’m growing veg at home with my man, therapeutic and over excited by our brussel sprouts & other veg (Emma would love this, follow her @ESGFitness for good thoughts), sprouting! Amazing what a little seed can do with a little bit of care and attention….

in your head

7. Enjoy the Ride: Mentally Rehearse, Model Excellence & Have Fun!

For each event I will write down, how can I be my best of the day? Including everything from feelings, thoughts, poses, pacing, people, food, sleep etc.  Then I will lie down and mentally rehearse what I want to look, feel and be like on the day, from before the start to after the finish.  I will include three people who inspire me to be the best version of myself for each event, anchoring in the feelings of calm, confidence, courage and strength.  Do the same for yourself and your event (choose your own feelings specific to what you need).


Then above all, I will go and enjoy every moment, embrace the nerves (because it matters), have fun, relax, support those around me and be the very best, happy me. #Kimpossible style.

So that’s it…… go embrace the legacy of two wonderful people .. Live a Magnificent Life and Make a Difference. Become your own best friend, Be Bold, Brave and Beautiful.

If you would like to support #StreetKids and help raise money to build two schools I will be sooo grateful and can promise every step of that marathon will be earned :-

I look forward to updating, sharing and inspiring things with you Joyous June!

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In the prep for Fit Factor I have had some amazing coaching and support from Kirk Miller, stage presence from James Alexander Ellis, Bikini made from Karen Karmody, Alina Andrews support & past coaching. I’ve met some wonderful people at the workshops and would like to wish everyone competing so much luck, get on that stage and rock it, be YOU. Special Good Luck to Laura, Katie, Maz, Emily, Abby, Leila and many more! And the organising Team especially Renee, super star. 


In prep for Sierra Leone Ben Tolson & Xavier Decoup have done their best to massage my body into some shape to run!! Sara Wheeler has personally coached me, often dispaired and aways supported me, big thank you.  

Friends & Family, the amount of patience and understanding you have given me I will always value, a million percent and bundles of thanks 🙂 Especially my family who think I’m crazy, John who has been by my side for the last few months through everything, you rock, completely and beautiful friends, Holly, Sam, Rachel, Lucy, Emily & Debbie xxxx

Team Energised – YOU all have been amazing… I hope this inspires you, I promise, if I go, I will come back, you know you want me too 🙂 Tim & Debbie, I love the inspiration board, and Dee, the Gromit is the best! xx