So this week I’m amazed to announce that this week I’m heading Nepal for Street Child, and am living in a tent with 4 others high in the mountains, working with the Street Children following the earthquake…. Soon after this I’ll be running a half/full marathon…and may well be in the air as you read this!  You can read all about how this all happened here.

My thought for you this week is this about self care, which being Remembrance Sunday recently, I feel is truly important. We coach a lot of clients from the Armed Forces and Families, for wellness, PTSD and overall support and the one thing which helps is looking after yourself, which can be hard we realise. Here are a few tips which I hope will help you all, choose one and action it this week.

˜You gotta nourish to flourish”

So important, self care for your mind & body, yet often we don’t find the time… here’s a few simple tips to help you. Do one today.

🏻 breathe deeply: in for 6 secs, what you want to feel… hold for 6, breathe out for 6 what you want to let go of – repeat three times am & pm

🏻 go for lunchtime walk, lengthen your posture, leave your phone and become aware of all the tiny good things in your day & let go of the worries, or reduce them, do it daily for 20mins, daylight boost & movement

🏻 eat yummy, immune & mood boost foods with a rainbow of colours, hydrate with warm water, lime, ginger & turmeric to feel good

🏻 do something for you…a sweaty workout, a calm yoga session, cooking a delicious recipe, listening to music, reading a book, get present

🏻 ask for help, give a random act of kindness, let go of comparisons & know if today isn’t quite flowing, you can get through this… journal you’re thoughts, doodle , vision , create , do & be …

Sounds easy, just choose tiny consistent shifts and get support around you.

I love the Mind Issue of Women’s Health UK this month too, do find a copy as it’s packed full of useful tips & 20 amazing ladies sharing their stories.

Without a doubt, walking the Hound of Happiness helps me to feel good, and his little book even is useful for me (& a great stocking filler!)! I also recommend Chloe Brotheridge Anxiety Solution, Meera Lee,  Start with Why and my Tedx Bristol talk about overcoming adversity.

Any questions or support please do reply, this is something I feel passionately about helping YOU & have the tools to give you. Always keep hold of your Spark & nurture it daily, you matter.

And remember from last month’s thought…. if you are too busy right now to make a change, is it good busy or a distraction from being brave and making the change? 

Here are your three little links for the week to inspire and motivate you, choose one and get inspired to take action. If you love it, we would love it if you tagged us and share the goodness too 🙂 

Super Client Anita’s Hawaiian Ironman Championship Report! 

Have you ever thought, I wish I could do ‘this’ but then stopped yourself, because you just think you cannot do that.  Well, think again, I truly believe we can help support you make anything possible, or at least something.  Have a read of Anita’s Amazing Ironman Journey to Kona – incredible, huge well done to Anita !!

If you are in Bristol on 24th Nov do come along to our Winter Mindset Workshop , only 8 places left and we have some goodies too… and if not pop us a reply to find out how 1:1 coaching or group Mind Ninja support may help you be your best in 2018.

The Effects of Stress of your Body 

We’ve been working with lots of people this week and wanted to share this thought again as it’s so important, as the effects of stress on our bodies and minds has such an impact.  I wonder if you know how you feel about stress, and if it’s good or ‘bad’ stress you are coping with right now?   This feature is a good one to help you work things out, and if we can help you more, just pop us a message.

My little 52 Tips to Feel Good with The Hound of Happiness fills you with tips to help reduce stress, which I can sign & post to you, or you can find on Amazon, i give a donation to charity from every sale 🙂 ps. Perfect Stocking filler too. 

Rosie’s yummy Recipes 

We have been linking up with Rosie Lett’s, a local nutritionist passionate about creating yummy recipes and feel good food for performance, life and happiness.  So if you are short of ideas, but want to try some delicious recipes to boost your immunity and wellness just click here – If you love Rosie’s stuff and would like a 1;1 with her, let us know and will introduce you and you will get a special rate too 🙂

If you would like to do a  DNA test and have the results before Christmas this is your last week to make it happen – we find them so valuable, helping myself and clients choose the ‘diet’, training and supplements that work specifically for them.

It would mean the World if you read, share and support the Nepal Adventure, and all super powers on Sat 18th most welcomed!! Find out more here.

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