Testing Erbology Products

I received a wonderful box of goodies from Erbology with Almonds, Cacti & Acai Berry Energy Balls, ground Chia seeds, and buckwheat crackers.  Super tasty, 100% natural and perfect energy.  I’m focusing on whole, complete local foods, growing my own veggies. It’s good to have healthy options for travel and in our cupboards, and really like the ethos and ingrediants,

Erbology is more than just a business… this is what they say,

‘Erbolody is a thought-leader in plant-based nutrition, it takes powerful plants and makes them accessible everyday in delicious foods and drinks.

Erbology’s mission is to inspire us to embrace healthy, happy living that nourishes the mind, body and soul.

To do that, they go out of their way to ensure Erbology has a positive impact on the world around us. They work closely with independent farmers. Their products are organically grown and free from chemicals and additives.

They’re constantly digging up new ways to integrate nature’s marvels into the busy lives of their consumers. They believe healthy foods can taste great, and add a touch of excitement to everyday recipes.

Do have a look and let me know if you buy anything here (will give you £10 off first order of £40 or more). 

Here are the links to the goodies I was sent:

Organic Sicilian Almonds – perfect for adding to your morning porridge, in salads, roasting in stir frys for jsut a few ideas!

Aronia Berry Energy Balls – super tasty recovery, post run I found

Nopal Cactus Energy Balls – I love cacti, so just made me smile to eat!

Coconut and Cacao Energy Balls – pre strength training energy

Chia Raw Organic Powder – added to my lentil soup below, great in morning smoothies, or pretty much anything

Greek Olive Crackers – had on the side with my soup, really tasty and easily digested

Here’s a quick, nourishing soup recipe, originially from my Mum, adapted into Kim’s Kitchen…

Try this…

2 small mugs red lentils, 2 stock cubes, crushed garlic, ginger, 2 leeks & 3 carrots, 1 red onion, lump of Coconut Oil & water, two spoons of Erbology chia powder, pinch of cumin, turmeric and finely chopped coriander 

Stir fry the onions, garlic and leeks in a little oil and water, then add the rest, simmer for 45 mins blend or have as is! Packed full of goodness, fills you up & boosts immunity – Tested by my Energised clients who we trained to trek to the North Pole, Rach and Sam and told it’s a good one!!

Find out more about Erbology here.  ( You will receive a £10 discount if you spend £40, and I will receive £10 too if you do use for transparency, and then you can create your own link for friends and do the same – but this post is just because I love them, not sponsored or paid)

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Happy week and much support x