Autumn Energised Mindset Action

Autumn is here and it’s time to take some energised mindset action to move you closer to your 2020 goals.

Consider the following:

what are your top 3 priorities to make happen before the end of 2020 and do you have time for them? What can wait for 2021… sometimes it can help to plan Jan – March and April – June priorities to get focus. 

what’s your WHY for these priorities and goals? Why do you want to do it, and why does that matter?

when is best for you to achieve these goals, during the Summer or Winter months in terms of daylight, wellness, family and life commitments? 

What do you need to make happen? Plan your key actions to take in your diary as a commitment. Ask for support and factor in recovery weeks and a couple spare weeks for unexpected illness, life stuff etc which may delay your goal, commitment is key yet flexibility and adaptability perhaps even more so.  Remember to make something happen you have to change your habits, mindset and daily routines, that’s the key. 

Make time for basic self care, good sleep and nutrition, movement, strength and happiness. Although these sound simple (or maybe tricky if short of time), they will totally help you make your goal happen and stay well doing it.  If there was one thing, it would be sleep and digital switch off each day, they are your hidden ninja’s. 

Support and accountability, get your friends and family involved or ask for professional support – investing in this can be a game changer and make you accountable. Start to believe you can and enjoy the journey – be brave to share to a few people who really matter to you.  

have a what if plan to embrace your fears…. what if you get injured, ill, family /life /work gets in the way, etc how will you cope and adapt.

Enjoy every week – adapting, celebrating, learning and finding joy in a great or tough week. 

I would LOVE to know how you get on and if you have any questions contact me here. Quite a lot here but I feel it will be really helpful for your Autumn if you do take action on it.  

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