Lockdown Learning – Completing Yoga Teacher Certification

The more subtle, the more powerful.’ Rod Stryker 

I have just passed my yoga teacher training… it’s been a journey….. Yoga came into my life around 2000 but I didn’t have the patience or discipline for the perfection I thought it required. But Yoga is for every body, mind and soul. In 2008, whilst working with individuals from Strictly Come Dancing I saw the benefits of moving your body and mind in every direction, not just one way as an endurance athlete. 

So in 2013 when I was pretty ill with leptospirosis and viral encephalitis Yoga, breath work and meditation became my discipline. Certainly not ‘insta perfect’, no handstands orinspiring poses. But a profound daily routine to show up. 

Moving forwards, I’ve kept this discipline. Sometimes 5 mins, sometimes 90mins. It varies with time, focus, energy. Yet the habit is a choice. If we show up for our body, mind and soul daily. If we listen, it tells us what we need (not necessarily what we want to listen too). 

As a coach of over 20 years, I love to help people achieve what they don’t think is possible, to believe.

Lockdown has made us all pause.

Which led me to Sacred Paths Yoga teacher training. From medicine wheels to Sanskrit, Ayurvedic to trauma informed language, ethics, diversity, chakras and of course, breath work, meditation and daily practices. 200+hrs of brilliant, diverse teaching, wonderful people and challenging assessments. 

And I qualified! Fusing into my coaching to give you more tools to overcome challenges, add value, connect with purpose and live your fullest life, 

Check in with these to start:

How’s your breathing? 

Hows your posture? 

How’s your thoughts? 

What’s making you feel good?

Start simply, notice these and commit to a change today?

To your growth, I see your potential and you matter. As you are and where you hope to go. 

Big gratitude to Rhona for being my student, Lisa for dog fun so we could film assessments, my yogic family and our teachers Lacey, Sam, Darin, Sri, Hana, Colynn and Fierce Calm for magic conversations at The Big Retreat Wales.

I’ve just had my application accepted to continue my learning today with Yoga for Trauma Healing CPD (anything from sporting injuries, grief, bullying, illness, addictions, PTSD etc) healing, fusing my NLP, hypnotherapy, meditation and yoga. It’s pretty intense yet powerful, completing with a research project and exams end of the year, yet excited for the depth I can add to my coaching practise for you wonderful humans.

Let me know if you love yoga or something else?

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Photo credit: Gem Hicks Photography

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