My Birthday Charity – Spafford Children’s Centre

My great Grandmother Bertha founded this little charity in the heart of the old city in Jerusalem on Christmas Eve in 1925. A Bedouin man had travelled all day on a donkey with his sick wife and newborn baby. The hospitals were closed so they took them in. The Spafford Children’s Centre look after children and orphans from all race, religion, faith and cultural backgrounds, offering medical, educational, physical and mental heath care. 

Sharing this special little charity on my birthday (24th) feels right this year to share. If you ever want to visit (when we can), you will weave through the vibrant streets until you find this hidden safe place where hope, resilience and possibilities lie. If you feel drawn to donate anything, they will be so grateful and the funds are used directly. 

There are so many people in need close to home and around the world during these times. 

We’ve raised over £2,200 for NHS and UK small charities during lockdown, given 250hrs coaching time and 300hrs community volunteering. If you need any support or just a friendly message, please know I’m here and you matter. Big circle of support and happy Autumn Equinox.

To find out about the different ways you can support the charity click here.

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