How do you feel about your body?

Something I often ask is, am I being helpful to myself with my thoughts & habits?

It’s challenging in society with social media, expectations, hopes and fears of life. Yet learning to like, value and respect yourself is a journey which is so worth it….. and evolves with time.

I mentor so many people of all ages from 8-86 years old, women and men who suffer complex disordered eating, body image and confusion. I work with GP referrals, blending NLP, Hypnotherapy, DNA, nutritional therapy and my own rollercoaster of experiences to bring simple solutions together to help YOU start to like YOU.

Here’s a few tips which I hope help…..

1. You are not your scales. You are YOU. Write down what you like about yourself, your brain, your kindness, intelligence, strength, humour, your dreams and hopes. Tell me, others and yourself about this, at least 10 things please.

2. If you want to be lighter/ heavier, stronger, fitter, more confident, this is totally fine. Yet please learn to find happiness in your now, every damn day. And also work out truly what tor motivation means to YOU, why does this goal add value to you.

3. Notice your fears, self sabotage, limits…. and they are okay right, they are there to lee you safe, and there because you don’t have another solution yet. So take a little time to think, it I let go of my limiting stories, my I’m not good enough/I can’t what will you replace it with? There has to be something a little more positive yet possible to move your identity towards. It will feel scary and uncomfortable but trust me, YOU can do it & believing in yourself isn’t arrogant, it’s just giving yourself a high five to see your true potential. Don’t Be afraid to ask for support with people who believe in you and growth.

4. Keep your food simple, become your own food detective, what makes your body have energy, your mood and hormones feel happy, your sleep deep… it’s a jigsaw.

It’s time for change and the courage to talk about our minds without fear.

Let me help YOU, Kim.

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